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image  1 Мария - So happy to leave Bali
November 22, 2022

So happy to leave Bali! But it was a really good time.In Bali i started to develop my body, my mind, and my appearance overall. I have seen the sights before(I’m here 3d time ) so this experience focused on personal growth. Now I know what I value in life and I will continue my self-development routine. I focused on my nutrition.I went to the gym every day,I had a lot of time to learn languages (English/Spanish)Restaurants here are 🤤 I will miss the food from Bali but had challenges ordering the food. Balinese people are so hard to communicate with(who’ve been in Bali knows what I mean)It’s a relaxed and simple life - it’s different from hustle and bustle of Kiev💔 (my best place) and Europe and I’m tired of it.It’s time to move on. Bali - I’ll be back.P.S it’s my first post in English and sorry in advance for mistakes✌🏼
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